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Come and celebrate 70 years of Famous Five Adventure adventures in Dorset

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Diary dates

11th August Enid Blyton’s Birthday Party at Corfe Castle.

Welcome to the Famous Five Adventure Trail 2012

What’s it all about?
Oh no – not again – Uncle Quentin has been mugged and his Top Secret papers have been stolen! Famous Five fans are needed to solve the clues, track down the baddies and recover the papers. The Trail is a great way to explore Dorset’s Enid Blyton Country, and to mark the 70th anniversary of the Famous Five books.

The Trail is an extension of Five on Kirrin Island Again, the book where Uncle Quentin
is researching alternative energy sources. We were struck by the contemporary theme, and Enid Blyton’s forward thinking from 1947.

It is aimed at Famous Five fans aged 8+ and is just as much fun for adults as children.

What you need to do

  • Download a Clue Sheet from HERE and read it carefully.

  • Each member of your group can enter for the prizes, so download extra
    individual entry sheets HERE.

  • The full Terms and Conditions can be downloaded HERE.

  • A lovely poster for your noticeboard, classroom or bedroom wall can be
    downloaded HERE

How long will it take?
The Trail runs from Jubilee weekend with the “official launch” on 7th June. You could do the Trail in a day – with careful planning – but we suggest that the Trail is best done over 2 days (Poole and Purbeck), or even make it several days out. Just make sure that your entry is in the special post box at our secret location by 5th November.

What to do if it rains?
The trail is also a good activity for rainy days in Dorset. Poole Museum and Eileen Soper's Illustrated Worlds are both indoors and can keep the family occupied for hours when it is wet outside. You can even solve a clue from the comfort of a carriage on Swanage Railway!

How much will it cost?
All the main Attractions have family tickets, so we estimate that the Trail will cost a family of 4 around £60 in train fares and entrance fees. You will also need an OS Map showing Poole Harbour.

Getting around
It is possible to do all of the trail using a combination of trains and buses.
The Ginger Pop Shop pages give details for Poole and Corfe Castle. There is more travel information here

The intrepid can also do it all by wheelchair.

Here are links through to where the clues are located, so you can check out entrance fees and opening hours yourself.





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Dorset Prizes:

 Postable Prizes:

Family weekend in Knoll House Hotel Studland worth £1,000

Family weekend in Grand Hotel Swanage worth £500

Round of Fourball at Isle Of Purbeck Golf Course

1st Postable Prize £200 cheque.

2nd and 3rd postable prizes – both winners get sets of the Famous Five 70th anniversary editions, and The Barney Books.

famous five book six

“I’ll tell you what my experiments are for, George – they are to find a way of replacing all coal, coke, and oil – an idea to give the world all the heat and power it wants, and to do away with mines and miners,”

“Good gracious!” said George. “It would be one of the most wonderful things the world has ever known.”

“Yes,” said her father. “And I should give it to the whole world – it shall not be in the power of any one country, or collection of men. It shall be a gift to the whole of mankind – but George, there are men who want my secret for themselves, so that they may make colossal fortunes out of it.”

From Five on Kirrin Island Again by Enid Blyton. Published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1947

In 2012 people are still after Uncle Quentin’s secrets
 – so come and join the adventure!

The Energy Institute (EI) is the chartered professional membership body for those working in and studying energy.
As a learned society, the EI promotes the sustainable
use and supply of energy in all its forms and applications.
We are delighted to support the Famous Five Adventure Trail 2012, and hope many young adventurers will help to track down Uncle Quentin's essential research into alternative
energy resources. Energy makes a vital contribution to society and the industry needs more young people to get involved in helping reduce demand and make energy more sustainable
and cleaner for future generations.



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