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Once upon a time the Ginger Pop Shop was a real shop. It looked up at Corfe Castle, which may have inspired Kirrin Castle in the Famous Five books. Although tiny, it stocked the best range of Enid Blyton books, ingenious toys without batteries, ginger beer to blow your head off and memorabilia of the era, which included World War Two. The shop was also renowned for its splendid selection of Golliwoggs, bespoke badges and tea-towels, which were sold by the thousand. It closed when the lease was sold.

In the period the shop was open (2003-2017) the shop-keeper began to notice a strange change in society:

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  • An antagonism towards patriotism

  • An aversion to exposing children to risk

  • An assumption that any discussion about race was de facto racist

  • An odious joy in trashing Enid Blytonís reputation

  • An arrogance that it was ok to substantially alter Enid Blytonís text, and even bring out new titles with her name on the cover, against her express wishes

  • An acceptance that because Golliwoggs were black they must be bad, so needed banning

A curious observation was that our biggest spending customers for Golliwoggs had black skin. However, our most vociferous opponents were white skinned, many of whom seemed to enjoy virtue-signalling.
This was the insidious advance of WOKEness, which although for the best of reasons, was neo-racist, neo-fascist and even neo-religious, all antagonistic to the values of the wartime generation.

By 2021 this new tyranny had taken hold in the UK. The shop-keeper joined the Free Speech Union, deeply concerned that we could lose the very Right to say "I don't agree with your opinion because of these facts"

Could The Golliwogg, our old war-time hero, help in the push-back against this awful ideology? After all, if it wasn't possible to restore the Good Name of a rag-doll, what hope for any hapless human who also found themselves cancelled?

It was the time to revive the Ginger Pop Shop!

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Here are our videos about the history of Golliwoggs

comments are welcome, of course, but please watch the whole film before giving your honest opinion!

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